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SET-3G is the latest innovation in epoxy anchoring adhesives with high design strength and proven performance. SET-3G is a 1:1 ratio, two-component, anchoring adhesive for concrete (cracked and uncracked). SET-3G installs and performs in a variety of environmental conditions and temperature extremes.

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Code listed for cracked and uncracked concrete, and masonry applications, the Strong-Bolt 2 wedge-type expansion anchor is an optimal choice for high-performance even in seismic and high-wind conditions. Dual undercutting embossments on each clip segment enable secondary expansion should a crack form and intersect the anchor location; this feature significantly increases the ability of Strong-Bolt 2 to carry load if the hole expands.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)National Technical Reports Library5301 Shawnee RoadAlexandria, VA 22312Order Desk Telephone: (703) 605-6000 or 1-800-553-6847NTIS order number PB2009103456 (only available as PDF download)

Uses: Fill cracks, replace missing concrete, and permanently bond concrete and most rigid materials. Aboweld 55-1 excels at both industrial and home repairs. Restore columns, walls, ceilings, foundations, pools, rails, stair risers and treads, sculptures, and more. It is also great for installing machinery, posts, precasts, and other structural components.

Our range of Melio resins have fine-to-medium particle sizes and produce very soft to medium-soft film hardness. They offer various resistance properties (cut-through, cold crack, water-drop) as well as adhesion and good print retention. In this way, they add effective protection to leather for various applications, including automotive. Melio Resin A-946 has excellent cold crack and flex resistance, where Melio Resin A-931.A is self-crosslinkable.

GOODSON Glow Penetrant Dye (GLO-2) is used to show where cracks may be. Generously spray on pre-cleaned area to be checked. Allow penetrant dye to stand 1 to 5 minutes for normal cracks and 20 minutes or more for extremely fine cracks. After penetration time, Wipe off excess dye to avoid false readings. To remove excess dye, spray cleaner (GLO-1) on clean shop towel, and wipe area.

GOODSON Glow Developer (GLO-3) is used to develop the dye color. Shake can well until agitator rattles. Spray a thin even layer of developer over entire area to be inspected. Several light applications are better than one heavy application. Allow developer 30-60 seconds to dry thoroughly. INSPECT for location of crack indicator as a florescent yellow. Inspect: Under black light, cracks will show up as bright, glowing florescent yellow on white background. 350c69d7ab


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