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A novel concept of solid-state chemical sensors for neutral radical detection in gas-phase and related technique are proposed based on chemiluminescence of sensing materials excited by heterogeneous chemical reactions of radicals on sensor surface. The radical species of interest include H, O, N, O2, CO, SO, NO and others. Surface activated phosphors, nano-phosphors and semiconductor films are good candidates for sensors. The advantages of these sensors are the enhanced sensitivity (105at/cm-3or better), real-time response, reliability, proximate analysis, ability to be fabricated in combination with up-to-date nanotechnologies.

Textbook Of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry Third Edition

We are striving to add primary literature references to all sections of this website. This will be done as we modify and update pages and will be done with all new pages. When this site was created, it was for the sole purpose of providing students in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University to supplement the new (at the time, in 1999) problem-based curriculum. At that time, there were few textbooks available on veterinary clinical pathology (now there are a plethora). So the original content was based on information in these available textbooks:

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farmanuario 2012 uruguay pdf

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