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Tru Calling

At the The University of Colorado at Boulder's 57th Annual Conference on World Affairs in 2005, star Eliza Dushku's mother Judith Dushku (a Professor of Government at Suffolk University) told a story about her daughter's growing dissatisfaction with the writing and her character as the show went on. According to Mrs. Dushkhu, Eliza had been promised that Tru Calling (2003) would be another "strong girl" show, in the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), and that her character would be a role model for young women. However, by about the sixth episode, Eliza was calling her mother to complain about egregiously weak and dumb traits in her character. Examples given by Mrs. Dushku include: an argument that Eliza had with the showrunners because she refused to play a scene in which Tru did not know what a map was (and she had to have a man tell her) and Eliza being told that Tru shouldn't be seen studying for her MCATs (even though she was supposed to be a medical student). Eliza also made a list of all the script instructions written to describe Tru's state of mind, and they always included words like "overwhelmed," "surprised," "shocked," and "bewildered," but never instructions for Tru to be strong, confident, or sure of herself.

Tru Calling

Tru is a caretaker by nature, which is why she's in the business of helping strangers and family members and which is probably why she never smiles. Her mother was murdered in front of her a decade ago, and she's still trying to work out her irrational guilt. Tru's true calling is to save the world, although she might have a future in marathoning if the talking-cadaver thing doesn't work out.

Tru Calling (2003-05)She may look like just any other morgue employee filing paperwork and showing corpses to DUI offenders, but Tru Davies has a secret power: she can reset and relive the day as a calling to save the recently deceased. 041b061a72


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