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Aug 02, 2022
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It is a prejudice that you mainly encounter in private, people really have no idea what you do exactly. For example, Mirte responded with: 'communication? Yes, that's important! Always keep in touch with each other, that's important'. Recognizable! People often think that we ensure that our colleagues continue to communicate with each other. Misunderstanding about communication Just to be clear, for anyone who thinks we do this all day long: no, we don't. We can probably hold a conversation just as well as the secretary, manager or financial assistant. This is not exactly what distinguishes communication professionals from others. Communicate everyone can do that, right?! 'Communication, what can be learned about it, everyone can do that, right?' "Is there serious training for that?" You probably recognize these comments as well. Very annoying, because it comes across fax number list very derogatory. As if what you do is worth nothing. Even when you explain what you do exactly, people sometimes think: post content on social media? I can do that too. communicate social media People don't understand that there is a strategy behind a social media post. We don't just post a text. We think about a strategy, KPIs and the target group. Will you quickly write something nice about this? 'Communication professional? Then you can probably write well. And if you can write well, do you write something for the newsletter, the socials, the website, the intranet? It'll be over in an hour, right?' writing communication Not only recognizable as a communication professional, but also as a copywriter, we already read in the article by Nicol Tadema . The following also applies here: we do not just write something. When we write a text, we also think about the medium, the target group, the goal and how we get people to click in the right place.
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