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Cisco Ip Phone Downloading Xmldefault Cnf Xml !FREE!

So, after I plugged the phone into the configured PoE FastEthernet port of the Router it booted up and started downloading the firmware right away!! Then, after that 1st phone finished updating, as just a shot in the dark I decided to plug in that other phone I mentioned that wouldn't even display anything on the screen... And what do you know, after a few minutes I saw the phone reboot and it actually showed the upgrading screen..!! After both phones finished upgrading, I unplugged them from the 1861 and re-connected them back into our normal network and the both upgraded to 9.3(1)SR3. After the 1st phone finished upgrading to 9.3, I got an error saying: Registration rejected: error mismatch, I then remembered I had added this phone to CUCM manually, so I deleted that profile and the phone Auto-Registered without a hitch. So everything seems good now and the phones are now running as expected. Thanks again for the help on this, much appreciated! Thanks Again, Matt

Cisco Ip Phone Downloading Xmldefault Cnf Xml

These post may answer your question: -telephony-and-phones/where-can-i-find-list-of-sep-lt-mac-gt-cnf-xml-files-in-cucm/td-p/2271737 -business-routers/sep-cnf-xml-parameters/td-p/3002478 _cisco_6921

After wasting some time to get this thing upgraded from 6.3 to 7.1 and then to 7.3 I decided to share it with everyone.First, I tried it with 7960, however I doubt that its any different for the other cisco phones.

Below are instructions to upgrade/convert any Cisco 7940, 7941, 7960, 7961, 7970, 7971, 7942, 7962, 7945, 7965 IP phone to any firmware you want from the Cisco web site (SIP/SCCP), and to recover any cisco phone which may have screwed up somehow while upgrading firmware (like if you get the protocol application invalid message).

a. Goto and create a login if you do not already have one. Download the firmware for the specific phone you are using. (if cisco doesnt allow you to download the firmware, check here: -7900ser/ or graver/cisco/SIP-7960/ for phone firmware).

a. Now, there are a few things to consider when upgrading 7940/7960 cisco phones (these steps below dont apply to the 791/792/795 java based phones, if you have one of these, just do steps d. and e.). But the rule of thumb, is that if you have SCCP on your phone youll need to use a XMLDefault.cnf.xml file to specify the firmware load information tag by which the phone can know what load it should install. For the rest of this guide I will just assume you want to convert SCCP to SIP.

Hi Mark, Must appreciate your help on the VOIP arena. I have a quick question for you if you can assist me. I have configured a Cisco7940 on Sipgate & I am using firmware 8.4. Can see the phone online & tried the test call to sipgate & it works. I am able to hear the pre-recorded voicemesage. However if I dial my sip number(Cisco7940) from another pc ( through x-lite) logged in via a different sipgate acount. The cisco phone ring but when I pick up, there is no voice both ways. its the same the other way round. So to try & figure this out I set a timeout for voicemail to 10 sec & dial the web account through the cisco phone, it rings my pc & goes to voice mail as expected. I can listen to the message I left through sipgates online account that works without any problem. If this works then how is it that I cannot hear anything when the call is started from Web account to Cisco phone or reverse.

Hi Mark, I appreciate your valuable blog, thanks. I have one problem, cisco 7942 ip phone registration is not happening, it keeps showing registering..nothing happening,I am using Asterisk box without NAT. 350c69d7ab


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