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Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14

Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14

Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14 is a software solution for document scanning and management. It allows users to capture, process, index, and output images and data from various types of scanners, including Kodak Alaris scanners and other manufacturers' scanners. Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14 is designed to handle high-volume scanning tasks with ease and efficiency.

In this article, we will explain how to use Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14 for document scanning, and what are the benefits and features of this software.

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Step 1: Install Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14

To install Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14, you need to have a valid license key and an internet connection. You can download the latest version of the software from the Kodak Alaris website . If you have an active service and support contract, you can upgrade to and run this release as part of your software assurance at no additional charge. The latest version download is for stand-alone or Network Edition client workstation installations.

Note: If the computer on which you are installing Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14 does not have Internet access, you will also need to download and install License Manager on a computer with internet access.

Step 2: Create a Job

A job is a set of settings that define how you want to scan, process, index, and output your documents. You can create multiple jobs for different types of documents or workflows. To create a job, you need to configure the following tabs:

Scan Tab

The Scan tab allows you to select the scanner you want to use, and adjust the scan settings such as resolution, color mode, duplex mode, paper size, orientation, brightness, contrast, etc. You can also enable features such as blank page removal, deskew, crop, rotate, barcode recognition, etc.

Process Tab

The Process tab allows you to apply image processing functions to enhance the quality and readability of your scanned images. You can use functions such as auto orientation, auto cropping, auto deskew, hole removal, smooth background, despeckle, etc. You can also use OCR (optical character recognition) to extract text from your images for indexing or full-text search purposes.

Index Tab

The Index tab allows you to define the metadata fields that you want to associate with your scanned images. You can create custom fields or use predefined fields such as document type, date, batch number, etc. You can also assign values to these fields manually or automatically using barcode values, OCR values, database lookup values, etc.

Output Tab

The Output tab allows you to specify the destination and format of your scanned images and data. You can output your images and data to various types of destinations such as folders, email, SharePoint, databases, etc. You can also output your images and data in various formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XML, CSV, etc.

Step 3: Scan Your Documents

Once you have created a job with the desired settings, you can start scanning your documents. You can load your documents into the scanner's document feeder or use a flatbed scanner for fragile or irregular documents. You can also scan documents from other sources such as files or cameras. You can preview your scanned images on the screen and make any adjustments if needed.

Step 4: Review and Edit Your Images and Data

After scanning your documents, you can review and edit your images and data before outputting them. You can use the Image Viewer to zoom in/out, rotate, crop, delete, insert, reorder, or split your images. You can also use the Data Viewer to view or edit the values of your index fields. You can also perform quality control checks such as validation rules or exception handling.

Step 5: Output Your Images and Data

When you are satisfied with your images and data, you can output them to the destination and format that you specified in the Output tab. You can also export your job settings as a template for future use or share them with other users. You can also generate reports on your scanning activities such as batch summary or productivity statistics.

Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14 is a powerful and versatile software solution for document scanning and management. It can help you streamline your document workflows, improve your data accuracy, and reduce your operational costs. To learn more about Kodak Capture Pro Serial 14, you can visit the Kodak Alaris website or contact your local Kodak Alaris representative.


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