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Metin2 Yang Hack 7.2

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metin2 yang hack 7.2

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  • Happy 2022. To start of this year good here's the official release of Cheat Engine 7.4 My patreon members can get it here (The public release will be here any day now. Waiting for the advertisers / network owners to accept it) Please reports bugs and give suggestions to improve Cheat Engine.Additions and changes:AA templates now generate 14 byte jmp scripts when holding down ctrl

  • Foundcode dialog: Replace now toggles between nop and original. Also prevents duplicates

  • improved keyboard control to the hexview in memoryview. You can now hold shift while using the cursors to move

  • laststate isn't saved in tables anymore (unless ctrl is down)

  • added some space for dbvm functions so it's less likely to click them

  • you can now manually delete saved results

  • debugger attach timeout window will now show the status on some debugger interfaces

  • modules for 64-bit in 32-bit targets are more clearly marked as such

  • mono will not try to re-attach after a disconnect

  • lua: fixed copyMemory mode 2

  • from 7.3.1-7.3.2:structure dissect watch for changes now also shows you when something has changed inbetween

  • added hints to how the pointer wildcard works

  • the replace button in foundcode dialog now supports multiselect

  • You can now also change values of groupscan scan results directly in the foundlist

  • lua's openProcess command now won't deactivate all entries when previously no process was selected

  • you can now edit instructions with a breakpoint on them

  • added linux ABI c-compiler dll's

  • by default mono now releases the .net thread

  • from 7.3.2-7.4:added shortcut to add this address to addresslist in hexview (ctrl+numPlus)

  • goto address popup now centers on the memview window, instead of screen center

  • you can now change the font of the tracer tree

  • added isRep to the lua LastDisassemblerData field. And stepover now steps over rep instructions

  • break and trace: Added 'stay within module' option

  • added custom alignment option to the hexviewer section of the memoryviewer

  • Fixes:fixed loading back highligter config for auto assembler windows

  • .netinfo: fix field searching

  • fixed disassembler issues/memory corruption when closing a secondary memoryview window

  • fixed brake and trace killing the debugger when skipping certain modules an failing in figuring out the return address

  • fixed auto attach not stopping the process flash

  • mono is less likely to disconnect when dissecting an invalid memory address

  • fixed checkbox and radiobutton not sizing properly in dark mode

  • foundlist: display type override also afffects the saved columns

  • foundlist: new scan now alsdo clears the saved results

  • processlist: Fixed the highlighted color process entries in light mode

  • fixed compare to first scan hotkey

  • fixed handling of broken/empty language folders

  • fixed network modulesize lookup. (needs a new ceserver build as well)

  • fixed position saving for the foundcode dialog

  • fixed lua errors not giving a proper errormessage

  • fixed $c and $ccode for the 32-bit CE build

  • fixed logging of writes to ignore the addresslist freezing(Skyrimfus)

  • fixed dealing with -0.0f in c/ccode blocks

  • fixed memscan on the last block of readable memory

  • fixed dealing with the proper way of namespace.classname:modulename formatting. (Supports both formats)

  • fixed error when using freeze by thread with a very small interval

  • fixed $ccode and $luacode when not giving any parameters

  • fixed some include files erroring out when used

  • from 7.3.1-7.3.2:network ceserver/linux: Fixed wpm corrupting the memory

  • fixed the elf symbol parser

  • fixed speedhack on linux

  • il2cpp now has a progressbar

  • fixed handling some newer il2cpp games

  • fixed vmin assembling

  • fixed freezing when entering the wrong ceserver details

  • fixed deleting groupscan entries from the scan

  • fixed pointerscan not loading results when in a path with non-ascii characters

  • fixed the standalone trainer maker giving an error about duplicate entries

  • from 7.3.2-7.4:lua: fixed readByte signextending when it shouldn't

  • fix changeregonbp where it only changed xmm0

  • window position saving of "find what addresses this code accesses" should be more predictable

  • fixed saving of some color preferences in hexview, and added the fadecolor

  • fix AA createThreadAndWait not working in a standalone script

  • improved stability of mono

  • fixed break and trace ignore flag causing an stop instead of ignore on 64 bit targets

August 26 2021:Cheat Engine 7.3 Released for Windows and Mac for everyone:


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