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Its The Final Countdown ((HOT))

Our most recent NPR-PBS-Marist College poll showed about 55% of people say that they've either already voted or will do so before Election Day. And Democrats, by a 2-to-1 margin over Republicans, say they've already voted. A bit of caution here - that means you need to be a little careful when you're interpreting these early vote numbers. They are heavily skewed towards Democrats. It also means you need to be patient. With so many more mail ballots coming in, it takes states a lot longer to count the vote. And states like New York and California say final results could not be known for weeks.

It’s The Final Countdown

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SIMON: I'm glad you mentioned our polling because it also shows where voter enthusiasm seems to be strongest and where it might be lacking. Republicans might have a lot to hope for on election night. What did we learn from this final snapshot of numbers of the electorate before Nov. 8th?

And you're right, we're not prognosticators, but we talk to them all the time. One House Republican strategist told NPR just yesterday that they think their floor is 20 seats to gain in the House. Republicans need just five to take over the chamber. When it comes to the Senate, it's a jump ball. It's a 50-50 Senate now. It's unlikely either party is going to have a bigger than a 51-seat majority. And these races are really tight. It's really coming down to three races in Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia. I think the bottom line for the Biden administration is they are very likely looking at divided government for the final two years of his first term. And these are likely to be much more combative and much less productive years with Capitol Hill.

Be it dreamy visions of the most Instagram-worthy pumpkin pie ever at Friendsgiving, dreaded awkward dinners with in-laws, or toasty fireplaces and hot cocoa after hitting the slopes, nothing on the holiday season horizon can outweigh current looming deadlines. Not to mention adjusting to the exhaustion that hits when the sun disappears way before you can finally get some desperately needed escapism with a book or tv show (have you watched The Mandalorian btw) or sleep (yes this still exists). So, time to not just survive, but to thrive!

We have many countdowns to look forward to this week, the first being the Galileo Launch 11 taking place 24 hours just before the #myEUSpace deadline! To help you put a final touch on your projects/ideas, here are the nuts and bolts of the "Space my Life" and "Dive in Quantum" challenges.

The temperatures continued to drop and we finally found the strength to leave to warmth of the outfitter. After Neel Gap the trail climbs to the summit of Blood Mountain. This will be our last time above 4000 feet. The trail was gentle and we enjoyed some great views with clear skies at the summit.

The backend of this system has delivered cold, windy weather. Even while moving, it was challenging to stay warm. We arrived at Woods Hole shelter just before sunset and enjoyed seeing the colors through the trees. This is likely our final sunset.

After a long week of exams, Raphy plans to reward himself with some skiing during his winter break. This is definitely well deserved, although, I think I would prefer going into hibernation if I survived his finals week.

As a chemistry student in his last year at Brandeis, Wyatt knows the ropes when it comes to studying. Putting in the work and time prior to finals week is key when trying to create a less stressful exam schedule.

This semester, his finals outlook includes a thermo chemistry exam, computer science exam, and a sociology paper for his Body and Health course. No need to worry though, his exam for a materials chemistry lab was last week!

Her tip to fellow students working on a final media project is to visit the Sound and Image Media Studios located in the library on Farber 3. They offer the resources, equipment, and staffing needed to create whatever you need regardless of your experience with film.

Now you can create countdowns for all kinds of things, and everyone passing by will know when they are happening! As always, thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any ideas for future posts. Thanks again!

Need a place to study for finals? APT Get Wise will be open all night and will have free food!Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m. on Dec. 7th, breakfast at 8:00 a.m. on Dec. 8th, and snacks will be provided throughout the night.

I've been ready for this for years, to be honest I pretty much wrapped up and finalized my 3DS collection back when the Switch came out and the last of the 2DS models were available. In the end I got 5 2/3DS's. An original ambassador model, an original XL, a New XL, and two of the standards 2DS's. Got them all loaded up with games, for the most part there's different titles on each of them, and I got the DLC/content I needed from any physical games I have that needed it.

So yeah, I'm set. Same deal with Wii U for the most part, I actually just finalized my collection there, couldn't get anything else without deleting some stuff or buying new storage, and I have always felt satisfied with the collection I had.

The final days leading up to this race are a mixed bag of anxiety and the calm before the storm. I am still coaching and pacing this week, though I have cut back on mileage and intensity, and am doing my best to protect my body while still doing my job as a coach. Thankfully, my athletes have been extremely understanding and supportive.

The countdown for the Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ:CLMT) launch has reached its final stages. The company cleared several checkpoints with its March quarter results and report. For investors with the rocket ready, launch is imminent. All watchers have been evacuated to safe spaces with binoculars in hand. Previewing the sky seems much in order.

You can tell when a political campaign, or in this case, a party, is in trouble because it changes its message with limited time left. In the final weeks of this campaign, Democrats have dragged Barack Obama out of retirement and sent him to as many places as possible, even while the sitting president has minimal campaign appearances.

Most adults remember what finals week was like in high school.It can be a week full of staying up late cramming for tests. It can be a week of high anxiety.But students at Mariposa County High School made the most of it this semester.Finals week was completed on Dec. 16 at 12:25 p.m., right before Christmas break at MCHS.Mark Abney, vice principal at MCHS, said he observed the stress the students have.Everybody is really stressed out and you do get a feeling there is a higher ...

With families getting hatty at home, pupils getting creative in the classroom, workplaces wearing hats and communities coming together for a good cause, the final preparations are being put in place for Wear A Hat Day events all across the UK.

A veteran explorer is leisurely orbiting the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system. Measuring space radiation high over Ceres, Dawn revolves once every 30 days in its gravitational master's firm grip. Dawn is well-known for its patience, and the pace of its activities has been decidedly relaxed in this orbit. That is about to change. There is now only one revolution to go before the spacecraft begins the final campaign of its long and rewarding deep-space adventure.

On April 17, the spacecraft will fire up ion engine #2 and begin a downward spiral, gradually shrinking its elliptical orbit. Along the way to its final space destination, XMO7, the ship will moor at an intermediate orbit. On May 14, when it is in an orbit that ranges from about 235 miles (375 kilometers) to almost 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometers), it will shut down the engine. (This orbit is illustrated in the next two figures below.) 350c69d7ab


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