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Download Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF and Read the Story of a Courageous Heroine

Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF: A Classic Play for Modern Readers

Antigone is one of the most famous and influential plays in the history of literature. Written by the ancient Greek playwright Sophocles in the fifth century BC, it tells the story of a young woman who defies the authority of her uncle, King Creon, to bury her brother who died as a traitor in a civil war. Antigone's act of civil disobedience sparks a tragic conflict between family loyalty and civic duty, between individual conscience and state law, between divine justice and human power.

Antigone (Hackett Classics) book pdf

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Antigone is not only a masterpiece of drama, but also a timeless source of inspiration and insight for modern readers. The play explores themes that are relevant to our contemporary world, such as gender roles, political tyranny, moral dilemmas, civil rights, human dignity, and personal responsibility. Antigone challenges us to think about what we value most in life, what we are willing to sacrifice for our beliefs, and what we owe to ourselves and others.

If you want to read Antigone in its original language and appreciate its poetic beauty, you need a reliable and accessible translation that captures the spirit and meaning of Sophocles' words. One of the best translations available is Antigone (Hackett Classics) by Paul Woodruff, a professor of philosophy and classics at the University of Texas at Austin. Woodruff's translation is clear, faithful, and elegant, preserving the rhythm and tone of the Greek text while making it understandable and enjoyable for modern readers.

What You Can Learn from Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF

Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF is more than just a translation of a play. It is also a valuable resource that can help you learn more about Antigone and its context, significance, and interpretation. The book includes:

  • An introduction by Woodruff that provides an overview of the play's background, plot, characters, themes, and style.

  • A note on the translation that explains Woodruff's approach and choices in rendering Sophocles' language into English.

  • A Theban royal family tree that shows the relationships among Antigone's ancestors and relatives.

  • A cast of characters that lists the names and roles of all the actors in the play.

  • An endnotes section that offers additional information and commentary on specific words, phrases, references, and issues in the play.

  • An appendix that contains an excerpt from Hegel's Philosophy of Right, in which he discusses Antigone as an example of ethical life.

  • A selected bibliography that suggests further reading on Antigone and Sophocles.

How to Use Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF Effectively

Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF can be used for various purposes and audiences, such as:

  • For students who want to study Antigone as part of their curriculum or personal interest. The book can help them understand the play's historical and cultural context, literary features, philosophical implications, and artistic merit.

  • For teachers who want to teach Antigone in their classes or workshops. The book can help them prepare their lessons, design their activities, facilitate their discussions, and assess their students' learning.

  • For readers who want to enjoy Antigone as a work of art and wisdom. The book can help them appreciate the play's beauty, depth, and relevance to their own lives.

Whichever purpose or audience you have in mind, here are some tips on how to use Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF effectively:

  • Read the introduction by Woodruff before reading the play. It will give you a general idea of what to expect and what to look for in the play.

  • Refer to the note on the translation while reading the play. It will help you understand why Woodruff chose certain words or expressions over others.

  • Refer to the endnotes while reading the play. They will provide you with more details and insights on specific aspects of the play.

  • Refer to the appendix after reading the play. It will show you how one of the most influential philosophers in history interpreted Antigone and its message.

  • Refer to the selected bibliography after reading the play. It will suggest some sources that can help you learn more about Antigone and Sophocles.


Antigone is a play that has fascinated and inspired generations of readers for more than two thousand years. It is a play that speaks to our hearts and minds, our passions and reasonings, our values and actions. It is a play that invites us to reflect on ourselves and our society, our rights and duties, our freedom and limits.

If you want to read Antigone in a way that honors its original form and spirit while making it accessible and engaging for modern readers, you need Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF by Paul Woodruff. It is a translation that is faithful, clear, and elegant. It is also a resource that is informative, helpful, and insightful.

You can download Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF from various websites online or order it from your local bookstore or library. You can also find other versions of Antigone online or in print from other translators or publishers. However, you need to be careful when choosing your version of Antigone as some may contain errors or inaccuracies.

Whichever version you choose ,make sure that it is compatible with your purpose and audience .Also make sure that it is accurate ,complete ,and respectful of Sophocles' work .A good version of Antigone should have an introduction ,a note on translation ,a family tree ,a cast of characters ,endnotes ,an appendix ,and a bibliography .

By following these tips ,you can use Antigone (Hackett Classics) Book PDF effectively .and enjoy Sophocles' timeless drama . 4e3182286b


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