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Sims 4 Extended Sliders !FREE!

The thing about your body, and other body parts. It is applicable for all categories from children to adults and males and females. So, download Sims 4 Sliders Mod and get body sliders mod and face sliders mod. In the Sims Sliders mod, you can modify your body, heights as well. Your female Sims character body private parts can be modified in Sims Sliders mod.

Sims 4 Extended Sliders

Some extended sliders are helping you to set extra heights in your Sims character body. Sims body sliders will increase the height of the Sims character. height mod and body mod is included in the Sliders mod. Shoulder height sliders.

Make a macho man body or stay fit, if you want to gift the perfect shape of the body then download Sims 4 Muscle mod. It works for male Sims characters only. You can improve your Physique via particular Physique sliders. Head Size slider gives you a perfect head shape. Sims4 muscle mod is for men who want to shape their bodies in most fit postures.

This mod adds more morphs to default EA butt and hips sliders to create a more flexible and diverse butt and hips.It is for males only. It is for Teen, Yound Adult, Adult and Elder Sims.

Extended physique sliders for more muscle/fat is nothing new to the sims modding community, but somehow this incredibly simple type of mod is always the least likely to be updated to the newest patch, so here is my version of it (with 4 flavors) updated to the latest patch released 31st of July (patch version Also disclaimer: flavors past 1.5x might look a bit disproportionate, but to each their own! Make your sims as t h i c c as you desire!

These are my absolute favorite sims 4 slider mods. I hope that you found this list helpful and If you have any cc or mod suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment or tag me on tumblr @musthavemods.

We all know and love The Sims for all of the extensive customizations it offers, but what could have been done better? Creators have gone ahead and made mods to add extra sliders to Create-A-Sim, allowing Simmers to experience more freedom and creativity when designing their households. Here are what we think are the necessary slider mods. These are the top 10 Sims 4 slider mods we think are essential to a well-rounded Simming experience!

This is the third update of a very popular mod that allows you to push the boundaries on the shape of your Sim. The first allowed you to surpass the normal EA sliders by three times more, the second by five times more, and this one now allows you to increase the sliders to a whopping 10 times more than normal. This mod also requires a No Muscles/No Fat mod to function, as it stops your Sims from changing in-game when they gain weight or gain muscles by working out as this would mess up how you changed your Sims with the mod itself. After downloading, you will be able to adjust the two physique sliders (Heavy/Lean and Fit/Bony) much more than before.

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