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How to Install MS Project on Your PC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 is a professional business tool that helps create business projects in collaboration with others. It comprises all Project Standard features, and also resource management, collaboration tools, time-sheets, SharePoint task sync, etc.

download ms project

7. In the pane on the right, click on Product Key to reveal it. You'll be using this in Step 10 to license the software. Store it in a safe place for your records. Click Generate URL to create a link you can use to download your software.

8. After generating a URL, click on the multiple page icon to copy the new URL to your clipboard. Then paste the URL into your browser window's address bar and hit Enter to begin your download of the Project installer.

Hi, I would like to deploy MS project via SCCM. I went through the steps in Office 365 Client Management > Office 365 Installer and select ONLY project. All of our users already have the Office suite.

I'm afraid we can not download only Project components when we use Office 365 Installer, it will always download the entire office suite. So, if we just want to deploy MS Project in SCCM, we may use the application deployment like below article: -microsoft-project-2013-using-sccm/ (Please Note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, just for your reference.)

Thank you for downloading Ceptah Bridge. If you are trying it out, please get in touch with us, and we will guide you through the evaluation and help you customise the product for your particular needs.

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As an avid personal user of Apple products, Tim also wished to migrate his work life to Mac. However, for most clients he needed to use Microsoft Project as a Gantt chart management tool. Being able to manage multi-project plans is an essential element for any program manager. Unfortunately, Microsoft Project is one of the few pieces of Microsoft software that has not been developed to run on macOS.

Your Office 365 experience includes the applications list below. Visit your O365 portal to find these products, and to create and edit your files online. You can also download Microsoft Office products onto your computer, phone, or tablet and take the power of the suite with you wherever you go!

Microsoft Project is a strong planning tool but produces complex Gantt charts that are difficult for audiences to follow. In this tutorial, we demonstrate two options for preparing project plans as PowerPoint presentations:

After you click on the Gantt Chart Wizard button, the first styling option you get is to select what type of Gantt information you want to display. For client and executive presentations, keep project visuals simple to understand by displaying only Standard information.

Now you need to create an image that you can copy and paste into PowerPoint. Microsoft Project has a feature called Copy Picture which allows you to choose which tasks you want to show on your visual. This is useful for paring down project tasks to the ones that are critical for your presentation.

Many tools on the market offer either a free version, a freemium model or a free trial. After you try them out and depending on the complexity of your project, it might be better to consider investing in a decently priced app that will save you time and money in the long run.

Where to get a free Microsoft Project download package? A great many people want to install Microsoft Project for Windows 10/11. If you are one of them, this post of MiniTool is worth reading. It provides a full guide on MS Project download and installation.

Microsoft Project is a practical task management tool that can be used to organize timesheets and budgets by creating and assigning various tasks. It was the third Microsoft Windows-based application and become a popular PC-based project management application.

MS Project is a part of the Microsoft Office family, but it is not included in any of the Office suites. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Skype, and SharePoint. With this application, you can schedule Skype meetings and organize different tasks in given projects easily.

There are 2 parts to the Microsoft Project free download and installation. The first step is you need to create a Microsoft Project account for free, and the second is to download and install Project.

Step 2. Select the Project Plan that you want to download and click on Try now. If you want to use a browser-based version of MS Project, choose Plan 1. If you want to use the Project as a desktop app, choose Plan 3 or Plan 5. Here we take Plan 1 for example.

Step 3. Now, you need to create a new account for Microsoft Project download free. Enter your email address, click on Next, and then on Set up account.

Step 7. Create a username and password. After you finish all these steps, click on Sign Up. If you chose Plan 1, you just need to visit the site and log in to your account and start using MS Project. If you choose Plan 3 or Plan 5, follow the guide below to download and install Project.

Step 4. Double click the Office.setup.exe file to run it and click on Yes when the User Account Prompt window pops up. Then it starts installing Microsoft Project. Make sure to stake online while the downloading.

Jim Peter is a retired engineering planner with over three decades of experience in project planning and scheduling. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering, and MS in Computer Science, and an MS in Technical Management. He has written numerous custom VBA macros in MS Project. He is a native and resident of Baltimore. See the availability of MS Project Holiday Calendars here.

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By creating a cloud based bi-directional sync between MS Project and Procore we have eliminated the need for any applications to be installed on your computer. The real-time sync means that you no longer need to upload and download schedules to keep everyone up-to-date. Changes made in Procore or in MS Project will be immediately reflected in the corresponding system. Sync takes the work out of maintaining your construction schedule. Changes made in Procore or in Microsoft Project are immediately reflected in the corresponding system.

Depending on the type of project version, you may need to redeem your product key differently than the method listed above. Some of these versions also may not have a Microsoft account or school/work account.

Eventually, the installation will be completed and a message will pop up on your screen letting you know that the project has successfully been installed. There will be an animation to help you locate the app on your device.

Unlike the file-based standalone tool on the desktop, the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management solution for project and portfolio management is based on a server with central data storage. Microsoft refers to it as Project and Portfolio Management from which the acronym Microsoft PPM is derived.

Using Microsoft Project Management as the enterprise-wide portfolio and project management solution, you will achieve one thing above all: transparency in the multi-project environment. This transparency will become the basis for correct decisions at all levels.

Your advantage over the standalone tool: you have a complete overview of all running projects, deadlines, states and responsibilities. Therefore, you have the best possible decision-making basis available at all times.

As a project manager, you work with the Microsoft Project desktop application as usual. But you save your projects in Project Server or Project Online rather than as files. This provides all stakeholders with a central project list. Depending on permissions, this list is easy to access via the Project Web App and only shows the projects the user is authorized to see.

Administrators can create additional user fields for projects. This makes it possible to display further information such as the project status, the site, developed product, name of the customer, budget, total costs, risks etc.

A current and meaningful project list is the first and most important step in multi-project management. It is the perfect basis for all evaluations and decisions in portfolio meetings and steering committees.

Your advantage over the standalone tool: you identify critical projects and make necessary decisions early across your portfolio. This allows you to interfere in the right places in a timely and circumspect manner.

Depending on the company organization and the type of project, it can make sense to divide the project initiation into steps with different authorization levels and permissions. You define this process in Microsoft PPM with workflows that can be started directly from the Project Center.

As a rule, it is also very important to select the projects in line with corporate strategy. Microsoft PPM allows you to assign strategic drivers to the projects. Through the specification of budgets and available resources, Microsoft PPM suggests which projects you should select with due regard to the priorities. And which ones could be started later or not at all.

Your advantage over the standalone tool: you are equipped with the capability to prepare the selection of projects centrally. Objective investment decisions mean that you work only on the right projects.


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