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The Evil Within Update V1.03-CODEX

At sunrise, The Legion began it's attack on the fortress, and Alric summons his force to head towards the fortress from the opposite side. Alric then plants a Myrkridian battle standard, retrieved from within the Tain, outside the fortress in an attempt to draw out Balor. Alric believeed that this will work because Balor trapped the Myrkridia within the Tain a thousand years earlier. The men, thinking that the hero Connacht had done this, ask Alric how could that be. Alric revealed to them a disturbing fact, that Balor and Connacht were two different names for the same person. The legendary hero of the the Wind Age, King of Muirthemne and emperor of the Cath Bruig Empire, was reborn as the greatest evil of their world. A new of incarnation of the Leveler. One of Connacht's notable acts after he was reborn as Balor was destroying the city of Muirthemne, laying waste to the Cath Bruig Empire, the greatest empire the world had ever known. And Alric hoped that this old enmity would lure Balor out.

The Evil Within Update v1.03-CODEX



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