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Perseverance V0.6

I understood that the pluto+ is a chinese version (Aliexpress link)which is constituted as revision D of the original PLutoSDR from analog device;No specific firmware, you can use the 0201 or perseverance 0303 firmware with the corresponding compatibility patch, all available on this page. No new firmware planned.

Perseverance v0.6


Christian Happy Christmas & Happy New Year to you when it comes, need help here I am new to this side of the hobby i have a set up of pluto down at bottom of garden and a 12w amplifier from dx patrol, 1m dish with a poty for transmit. I have just got the new PTT board done from a proffesional solderer as i cant do that stuff. I installed from scratch your new perseverance patch on my pluto and cant upload the patch which would allow me to get the ppt board to operate. Another issue is I am using the usb connection and when configured I use but when i press your usb connection it goes to pluto default my default gateway is and only way i see set up is if i type I see no signals in the display once i have hooked it up to my satellite but if i run sdr console i can see and hear everyone on ssb totally lost here and dont know what to do. I have a minitouner board but would rather have it on the pluto to save putting another satellite as using the bullseye lnb. Any help would be appreciated spent all day trying to sort and cant get it to work I have the REV C pluto and maybe if you can tell me the ip address stuff i would need to enter in minitouner to get them to link together if i get get it to work.

I wonder if someone can assist me please. I have a Adalm Pluto Rev D, I have loaded PlutoDVB perseverance firmware 0303 and then PlutoDVB Patch Detection Hardware Revision firmware perseverance, when I go to SDRConsole to receive, I get about 1-second noise and then all goes quiet, not receiving anything, nothing happens. I have reloaded the firmware from Analog Devices, and then when I start the SDR console, I get noise and receive signals. Am I missing a setting or set up somewhere?

The point is that one can indeed make anything work, given enough perseverance, but I specifically got into Julia because that is not something I want to spend my time on, if I can avoid it. Julia was supposed to be an intuitive beautiful language for technical people who want performance and a reasonable aesthetic. Julia 0.x. was that for me.

Thank you for your persistence and professional perseverance in making the revisions as outlined by the last review recomendations. I am in agreement with the reviewers that there has been substantial improvement in the manuscript. 041b061a72


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